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  1. thanks alot indeed ! very much appriciated.
  3. Welcome to my Nova starter guide. The first thing you should do on login is ::vote. ( ::voted to claim votes) Voting will give you access to voting scrolls which can either be claimed or sold. Orbs: Orbs are the main currency on Nova as they’re used for upgrading a lot. Selling your votes will give you a decent amount of orbs for upgrading your weapon and/or gear. To further assist gear and weapon upgrades, the starter zone can be accessed using ::train or with the mage book teleport. This will take you to the rock crabs which drop PVM boxes, crystal keys and PVM tickets. Inside PVM boxes you will find barrows items and various weapons which can be used on the upgrade interface. Crystal keys can be used on the crystal chest, these can give gear, weapons, vote scrolls and $1 scrolls at a rare chance. If you’re lucky and get a 1$ scroll out of the crystal chest. Train: You can also choose what combat style you want by using the ::range. ::mage and ::melee. You can do this to start off your killcount requirements which are a necessity to begin the ::npclist. The ::melee, ::range and ::mage commands each teleport you to an area that drops the tickets for their respective shops. The tickets are sent to your inventory when killing one of the monsters in these zones. I would personally start out at ::mage as you should grind for sorcery staff (25 points) first, then a few b ring's to upgrade to min. row ii then grind sol's to upgrade to min. arts staff. Grind ::imp for bones & get 92 prayer for soul split. now you can focus on ::npclist. Getting a loot device at the beginning is great because it pick up pvm tickets and orbs and sends them to your inventory. You can obtain a loot device from the boss point shop for 350 boss points. World boss: Another method to make money is killing the various wold bosses around Nova. These bosses either spawn on a cooldown or have a certain requirement. Prime and Exoden are world bosses that spawn on a cooldown. Goku spawns every 8000 npc kills and Garfield spawns every 100k afk ores mined. These bosses can drop $ scrolls, armor pieces, weapons and much more! Invention: Invention is one of the most important skills in Nova. It is used to dissolve/upgrade stuff by clicking on your orbs that you'll get from dissolving stuff. You should dissolve all the stuff you don't need by right clicking items (or holding shift), by dissolving you will get orbs depending on how good the item is. You'll need a certain invention level to progress towards tiers: So T1=25, T2=55, T3=75, T4=90, T5=100, T6=120 Pets: Here are some of the pets and how many PVM tickets are needed to upgrade them. the higher the pet level, the higher the drop rate you will receive from it: 3% DR pet to Scorpion = 300 PVM tickets Droprate = 4% Scorpion to Unicorn = 600 PVM tickets Droprate = 5% Unicorn to Bear = 1200 PVM tickets Droprate = 6% Bear to Wolf = 2400 PVM tickets Droprate = 7% Wolf to Gorilla = 4800 PVM tickets Droprate = 8% Gorilla to Vegeta = 10k PVM tickets Droprate = 10% Vegeta to Yoshi = 15k PVM tickets Droprate = 15% Yoshi to Charizard = 40k PVM tickets Droprate = 20% Charizard to Donkey kong = 100k PVM tickets Droprate = 25% Donkey Kong to Sonic = 200k PVM tickets Droprate = 30% Sonic to Mario = 350k PVM tickets Droprate = 35% Mario to Star = 500k PVM tickets Droprate = 40% Star to Bumble bee = 1m PVM tickets(i think if i remember correctly) Droprate = 45% We hope this guide is of use to you, please feel free to contact any member of the Nova's staff team for any further help or asking in our help clan chat! Greetings, Angel Of War
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