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  1. Desired staff position: Support/Mod Your Name: Typhlosion/Kayde Your age: 28 Your TimeZone: please use the following example format (GMT+0) : GMT-6 Average amount of game time hours per day: 6+ Hours Why you should receive the position: Willing to help contribute to help the playerbase have an enjoyable experience while playing, being able to answer questions they may have, helping with bossing, progression, and effeciency to gaining gear. I'm actively on throughout the day, and especially during the more quiet times where staff normally isn't on. Loving the work that's being put into the server and only hope to be able to help it grow in popularity! Thanks for reading :)
  2. Slayer pet, probably the most valuable pet, should give 2/3x points on task. 13,500 points to farm LS gear will take quite some time without a booster of some sort. Should also have a task bonus every 5 tasks, and a bigger one every 10. (100 points after 5, 200 after 10).
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