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  1. Congratulations to Chookity Pak on her promotion to Helper!
  2. Your staff application will be taken into consideration thank you! @Chookity Pak
  3. This looks great, thank you very much and keep up the hard work.
  4. Staff Requirements: You must be an active member of the server for at least 30 days. ( this currently is not a thing until server grows) You must have no history of any rule-breaking for at least 30 days. Dependent on rule broken. (currently disabled aswell) You must be proficient in English. Keep it professional Decent grammar (utilize punctuation, capitalization, etc.) Gambling is not prohibited for moderators but it is preferred to be kept at a minimum. Should be active in-game; 4-6 hours a day on average is preferred. Exceptions may occur. Must be relatively active on the forums You must have an attitude of friendliness, respectfulness and minimal flaming. As long as the flaming is infrequent and mild you should still qualify.
  5. Desired staff position: Your Name: Your age: Your TimeZone: please use the following example format (GMT+0) Average amount of game time hours per day: Why you should receive the position
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