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  1. 1. Desired staff position: Server support / Moderator 2. Your Name: Budknight/Rednekbandit 3. Your age: I am 25 years old. 4. Your TimeZone: please use the following example format (GMT+0) : My time zone is ( GMT - 6). 5. Average amount of game time hours per day: I normally play four to six hours on weekdays, and on my weekends (Thursday and Friday) I play ten or more hours. 6 Why you should receive the position? : I should receive the staff position because I have experience being staff and a leader outside of runescape private servers. Another reason I think I would be a good fit in the staff team is, I enjoy helping the server in anyway possible to improve development. The last thing that would make me a good part of the team is, I enjoy helping people to provide them with the best experience possible on the server.
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