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  1. Hello Everyone! Welcome to Rocket's Ultimate Nova Guide This guide is designed to provide new players with, what I believe to be, the most efficient path to take when looking to move up quickly on Nova RSPS. There are multiple different paths a player can take to be successful, but I hope to my guide will assist you to do so quickly and efficiently. Nova is a tiered item custom server that relies heavily on an item upgrade mechanic. To become the best, you will need to move up in both item tiers and monster zone tiers. There are two main currencies on Nova: Upgrade Orbs These allow players to (attempt) to upgrade their weapons in hopes of achieving a better weapon. I will go into the upgrade system shortly. PVM Tickets These allow players to upgrade the pet received at the start to a higher level pet that grants more DR (Drop Rate). PVM Tickets and Upgrade Orbs are usually exchanged at a 1:1 ratio but this ratio may change depending on server economy. Before getting into too much detail, let's begin the guide! Step 1: Download Nova RSPS from https://nova-rsps.com/ Step 2: Choose a clever username and password and jump into the action. When you first Log In to Nova, you will be prompted to choose your game type. I personally feel that Normal or Veteran are the best choices, because you still get to partake in the servers economy. Next, You will be loaded into Nova with your trustee starter Gear. Open the pet box to receive your first pet (with a DR of 3%), equip the armor and your preferred weapon of choice, deposit any unwanted items into the bank behind you, and click on the spell book icon where you will find the teleport button. W.I.P
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