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Updates - August 30th, 2020

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Content Updates:

  • Boss Slayer is now here!
    Please talk to Sumona at home next to the other slayer master!
    You will receive 25 points at the end of a boss task! These will work with the streak bonuses!!
    While on a boss task, you will always have a +10% droprate boost (invisible) while killing your assigned monster!
  • We have hit an unfortunate "bump" in the release of raids..
    There will now only be 1 Raid that is do-able at this time! Something is better than nothing!
    You will need a combat level of 120+ and level 100 in all skills to go through the raid portal located north-home
    The rewards are great, everytime someone completes a raid they will receive 15k Orbs + 1.25k Pvm Tickets + 100m cash!
    The chance of hitting the OMEGA Rare Table (Execution & Execution (i)) will now be 1:100
    The chance of hitting the RARE Table (Tons of upgrade orbs, or Collectors Necklace) will now be 1:75
  • AoE Zone is now fully working!
    The price of the AoE Zone Pass in ::donate has been raised to $75
    The price of the AoE Zone Pass in the slayer ticket store has been raised to 775,000 Tickets
    When defeating monsters at this new zone, you will progress through your zone kc requirements much faster

Misc. Updates:

  • ::refer has been re-enabled
  • 100 Elite Bones have been added to all Starter Referal Packages
  • Imp tasks will now tell you to go to ::imps
  • Wearing any Optimus Prime piece will now give +5% DR
  • Wearing the full set of Optimus Prime will now give +20% DR (Total)
  • Loot device now picks up ckeys, slayer chests and slayer keys
  • Lucien and higher zones now drop Progress Boxes
  • Progressive Boxes are now much easier to get from higher zones
  • The Nocturnal Moonslicer now has the same speed as the Hercules Scythe
  • PvM Tickets have been buffed at all zones!
  • Upgrade Orbs have been buffed at all zones!
  • The Excavator Spear now attacks 2 ticks faster
  • The Chicken Weapon from Carpon now attacks 1 tick faster
  • All barrows sets are now dissolvable from their boxed form
  • Tornado Katana is now dissolvable!
  • ::Starter / ::starterguide has been added to the game! This will link to a thread on forums!
  • Carpon's chicken nuggets have received 100% more HP
  • Zone NPC's no longer give boss points
  • All raids weapons have been buffed to deal the intended damage
  • All enchanted raid weapons have been buffed to deal the intended damage
  • Regular Execution Gear will now provide a +3% damage boost while in raids
  • Enchanted Execution gear will now provide a +7% damage boost anywhere in game
  • Donator Boxes from opening $50 & $100 scroll have received an immense buff!
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