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Updates - August 31st, 2020

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Misc. Updates:

  • Goku will no longer drop grand slayer boxes
  • Garfield will no longer drop grand slayer boxes
  • When creating Elite gear (from max gear) all receipes have been changed
  • L.S Cape stats have been adjusted to +2800 all
  • The Elite AoE Staff now gives the correct bonuses
  • Prizes from mystery tickets will now show the correct reward
  • Stats have been added to the Creeper Items available from ::ezone
  • Creeper Items from ::ezone will now give +10% Droprate each piece
  • Swoodoo Shield will now provide a +10% Droprate bonus
  • When clicking on a VIP Slayer Gem you will now get a message "Coming Soon!" (The map is being worked on)
  • With the addition of the AoE Zone, Goku will now spawn every 20,000 Npc Kills
  • The command ::keyroom has been added! Teleport here to use a variety of different keys!
  • You can no longer "Check Charges" on a Sorrow Bow
  • Ironmen are now allowed to purchase items from the Consumable Shop
  • Overloads will now boost your stats too 156
  • When drinking a supreme or god potion.. If you are under the influence of a Overload Potion you will not be able to drink
  • Xera Experience lamps have been added into the Slayer Point Store
  • All AoE Zone npcs now have the correct check in place in order to be attacked
  • L.S Effect will now give the intended +20 Slayer Points at the end of each task
  • Superbeast can now combine his exclusive Beastcape with an L.S Cape and effect now works
  • Individual Elite Pieces (upgraded max gear) will now provide a +18% DR Bonus (Never to be combined with LS)
  • Joyx Dragon will no longer drop 'garbage'
  • Owlmage Armour in the Slayer store has received much better stats
  • The loot device will now pickup a variety of different items
  • You can now receive a Supreme Potion drop from Satan (Not in AoE Zone)
  • You can now receive a Supreme Potion drop from Zues (Not in AoE Zone)
  • You can now receive a Supreme Potion drop from Hercules (Not in AoE Zone)
  • You can now receive a Supreme Potion & God Potion drop from Groudon (Not in AoE Zone)
  • The Execution Blowpipe (i) is now a 1 handed weapon
  • The Execution Blowpipe (i) has had it's max hit buffed by 10%
  • Tier 4 Armour is now dissolvable
  • Tier 5 Armour is now dissolvable
  • Blaster Staff is now dissolvable 
  • The Satanic Hellblade is now dissolvable
  • Gilded Helmet can now be dissolved
  • You now have a 1:10 chance to receive a Vote mystery box when claiming vote scrolls
  • Vote mystery box rewards have been updated

Map Updates:

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